Livvy Dunne surprises Paul Skenes with All-Star celebration

Olivia Dunne made sure to celebrate the All-Star nod for her swashbuckling boyfriend Paul Skenes.

The Pirates rookie sensation earned his first trip to the MLB All-Star Game taking place next week in Arlington, Texas, and Dunne marked the occasion for Skenes after the news came out.

In multiple posts across social media, Dunne celebrated the news first by sharing the MLB post about Skenes being selected for the Midsummer Classic with the caption “he’s an ALL STAR!”

In a second Instagram story, Dunne showcased balloons that spelled out the word “ALL STAR,” as well as pizza and champagne.

Olivia Dunne decorated Paul Skenes’ apartment with balloons. Screengrab via TikTok
Olivia Dunne surprised Paul Skenes with a celebration after he
made the All-Star Game. Screengrab via TikTok

In a video posted on TikTok, Dunne — wearing a long black dress — gave a behind-the-scenes look of how she surprised Skenes with the balloons and Pizza after he arrived back from Sunday’s 3-2 loss to the Mets.

The video opens with Dunne showing off the balloons and then cuts to her dancing around the room in celebration of Skenes’ news.

Eventually, it shows the moment that the LSU product arrived at the apartment and smiled as he saw the goodies that Dunne had assembled along with her jumping up and down.

The video was captioned, “Surprising my bf after finding out he’s an MLB All Star.”

Skenes made a bit of MLB history with his All-Star Game nod by becoming the first player to be taken No. 1 overall in the draft and then make it to the All-Star Game the following season.

Paul Skenes celebrated with his girlfriend, Olivia Dunne, after he
made the All-Star Game. Screengrab via TikTok
Paul Skenes made MLB history by getting selected to the All-Star Game. Getty Images

“You definitely can’t expect it,” Skenes said, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I think it’s just a product of being present and doing the work that it takes, that kind of thing. The expectation was definitely to win the national championship when we were there. That was the only thing that we wanted to do.

“But in terms of getting drafted first overall, getting called up whenever I was called up, and now the All-Star game, there were no expectations for me. It’s kind of just about doing as much as I can and allowing others to make the decision for me. And so it’s been a lot that’s happened over the course of a year. It hasn’t necessarily been a whirlwind or anything like that, but looking back, it’s gone quick.”

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