Michael Moore Reveals His ‘Heartbreaking’ Conclusion About Biden

Filmmaker/activist Michael Moore said he thinks President Joe Biden is the victim of “a form of elder abuse” as those around him push him to stay in the race.

“Watching the debate a week ago was heartbreaking,” Moore told MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin. “Why did they even let him go out on the stage in this condition? Who was looking out for him? Who’s looking out for him right now?”

Moore said there are people capable of being president in their 80s, but Biden’s poor debate performance suggests something other than age.

“Something was wrong that night,” he said. “We all saw it. We can’t un-see it.”

Moore, who is from Michigan, said most people who follow politics there believe the key swing state is “almost un-winnable” for Biden now, not just due to concerns over his cognitive health but also because Arab-American voters and younger voters have turned on Biden over his Gaza policy.

Moore also had some praise for Biden, calling him “the most progressive president that we’ve had in my lifetime” and giving him credit for defeating Trump last time around.

“He removed the devil in 2020,” Moore said.

On his podcast and website, Moore called on Biden to get a medical evaluation and, if it confirms “the obvious medical issues that were on full display” during the debate, he should step down and turn the Oval Office over to Vice President Kamala Harris.

See his full discussion with Mohyeldin below:

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