United Airlines’ Fleet Plan Shakeup: What’s Behind the Removal of Boeing 737 MAX 10?

In a recent SEC filing, United Airlines made a significant announcement regarding its fleet plan, sending ripples through the aviation industry. The decision to remove the Boeing 737 MAX 10 from its future fleet plans until after 2025 has sparked discussions and raised questions about the airline’s strategy and the state of Boeing’s aircraft certification process.

United Airlines' Fleet Plan Shakeup What's Behind the Removal of Boeing 737 MAX 10

Background of the Issue: Boeing 737 MAX 9

The Boeing 737 MAX series has been under scrutiny following a series of incidents and delays in certification. Notably, in January 2024, an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 experienced an alarming malfunction when an exit door plug blew out mid-flight. This incident prompted the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ground MAX 9s with similar configurations.

Recent Incidents and FAA Response

Subsequent inspections revealed loose bolts on door plugs of several aircraft, leading Boeing to acknowledge quality control issues. The FAA’s response and subsequent grounding underscored concerns regarding the safety and reliability of Boeing’s aircraft.

United Airlines' Fleet Plan Shakeup What's Behind the Removal of Boeing 737 MAX 10

CEO Reactions

CEOs of various airlines, including United’s Scott Kirby, have voiced their concerns over Boeing’s handling of the situation. Kirby emphasized the need for Boeing to address ongoing problems promptly. United’s CEO hinted at potential changes in the airline’s future plans due to uncertainties surrounding the MAX 10’s certification.

Impact on United Airlines order of Boeing 737 MAX 10

United Airlines’ 10-K filing shed light on the airline’s revised fleet expansion plans. Previously expecting a significant number of MAX 10 deliveries, United now anticipates none due to certification delays. This adjustment necessitates a reevaluation of the airline’s fleet composition and deployment strategy.

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Alternative Aircraft Orders for United Airlines

Despite the setback with Boeing, United Airlines remains committed to its growth plans. The airline has substantial commitments with Airbus, including orders for A350s and A321neos. The recent increase in A321neo orders reflects United’s confidence in diversifying its fleet.

Public Opinion on Boeing 737 MAX

United’s revised plans have garnered attention and speculation within the aviation community. While some applaud the airline’s proactive approach, others question the long-term implications of reducing reliance on Boeing aircraft.

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United Airlines’ decision to remove the Boeing 737 MAX 10 from its fleet plan underscores the challenges facing both the airline and Boeing. The move reflects a cautious approach to ensure safety and reliability in an uncertain environment. As the aviation industry navigates through these challenges, the spotlight remains on Boeing’s efforts to address quality control issues and regain trust.

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