10 Best Places to Reside in the US for Families

In embarking on the journey of family expansion, individuals often find themselves reorienting their lifestyles and redefining their priorities. This transition commonly entails a relocation to a new urban center or residential community that offers a plethora of amenities conducive to family life, such as spacious residences, abundant recreational areas, esteemed educational institutions, and accessible childcare facilities.

10 Best Places to Reside in the US for Families

In the preceding year, WalletHub conducted a comprehensive analysis of public data spanning over 180 localities throughout the United States, encompassing major urban hubs, to evaluate and rank them based on 45 key metrics including educational standards, crime rates, housing affordability, economic prospects, and recreational offerings, aiming to identify the optimal locales for familial settlement.

Many of the cities that emerged within the top decile are of moderate size, situated within expansive metropolitan regions, characterized by robust employment prospects, superior healthcare facilities, and an ambiance of tranquillity complemented by an array of natural attractions and cultural establishments. Below, you will find a compendium of the premier residential destinations suitable for families:

10. San Francisco, California

Revered for its proximity to California’s iconic landmarks and its superlative educational institutions, San Francisco offers an unparalleled living experience for families. Boasting a myriad of family-friendly neighborhoods such as Pacific Heights and Presidio Heights, San Francisco provides an array of amenities conducive to familial living.

Notably, recent market trends have witnessed a decline in property prices, rendering it an opportune moment for prospective homeowners to consider investing in San Francisco’s vibrant real estate landscape. For families deliberating on residency in San Francisco, careful consideration of school districts and educational options is paramount.

9. Gilbert, Arizona

Emblematic of quintessential American suburbia, Gilbert captivates families with its idyllic environs, distinguished educational institutions, and robust recreational amenities. Notably, over half of Gilbert’s households comprise families with young children, reflecting its appeal as a family-centric locale.

Despite its favorable attributes, Gilbert contends with a cost of living that exceeds the national average, with housing expenses constituting a significant portion of overall expenditure, with median home prices exceeding $566,000, indicative of the town’s desirability.

8. Scottsdale, Arizona

Revered for its harmonious juxtaposition of desert landscapes, educational excellence, and contemporary luxuries, Scottsdale epitomizes the ideal residential destination for families seeking a balanced lifestyle. Boasting an array of recreational amenities including museums, parks, and hiking trails, Scottsdale offers a multifaceted living experience tailored to diverse preferences.

Notably, the city’s expansive geographical footprint affords each neighborhood a distinct ambiance and an array of amenities, with residential properties typically affording ample space and diverse recreational opportunities.

7. San Jose, California

Situated at the epicenter of Silicon Valley’s technological milieu, San Jose boasts a plethora of lucrative employment opportunities that attract a cadre of highly educated professionals. Notably, nearly half of San Jose’s households comprise families with young children, underscoring its appeal as a family-friendly locale.

Despite its proximity to scenic locales such as the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, San Jose contends with a cost of living that surpasses the national average, with residents contending with inflated expenses across various facets of daily life.

6. San Diego, California

Renowned for its idyllic climate, family-oriented attractions, and superlative educational institutions, San Diego offers an enviable quality of life for its residents. Recognized as the nation’s greenest city for the second consecutive year by WalletHub, San Diego boasts an array of environmental initiatives including water quality enhancements, expansive green spaces, and robust bicycle infrastructure.

However, the city’s exorbitant cost of living poses a formidable challenge, with median home prices nearing the $1 million threshold and properties often being swiftly acquired within a fortnight.

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5. South Burlington, Vermont

Surrounded by picturesque mountain vistas and situated in close proximity to Lake Champlain, South Burlington beckons families with its abundance of recreational pursuits and tranquil ambiance. Boasting an array of amenities including an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, and verdant parks, South Burlington epitomizes the quintessential family-friendly locale.

Notably, the town’s educational institutions uphold a favorable student-to-teacher ratio of 12 to one, rendering it an appealing destination for families seeking quality education. Additionally, housing in South Burlington remains relatively affordable, with median valuations hovering around $460,000, presenting an attractive proposition vis-a-vis neighboring locales.

4. Plano, Texas

Nestled north of Dallas, Plano epitomizes the harmonious convergence of urban conveniences, idyllic neighborhoods, and distinguished educational institutions. Renowned for its thriving public school system, superior amenities, and robust economic prospects, Plano offers an attractive proposition for families seeking an optimal residential environment.

Notably, the median home price in Plano stands at approximately $506,000, with single-family dwellings and townhouses comprising the most sought-after property types, as delineated by Paulette Greene of the Paulette Greene Group at Ebby Halliday Realtors.

3. Irvine, California

Often heralded as one of Los Angeles’ most esteemed suburbs, Irvine epitomizes the quintessence of Orange County living, encompassing over 16,000 acres of verdant landscapes replete with communal parks, recreational facilities, and verdant trails. While Irvine itself is not situated along the Pacific coastline, its denizens enjoy proximal access to an array of scenic beaches including Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach, and Newport Beach.

Noteworthy neighborhoods such as Woodbridge and University Park have emerged as highly sought-after locales due to their exemption from the Mello-Roos tax and favorable homeowner association fees, albeit witnessing a notable escalation in property values, with Zillow approximating the median valuation at $1.35 million, reflecting a 10% uptick from the preceding year.

2. Overland Park, Kansas

Garnering acclaim as one of the premier residential destinations in the United States according to Livability.com, this Midwestern metropolis situated south of Kansas City offers a plethora of attractions for families. Boasting the top-ranked school district in Kansas, Blue Valley, Overland Park presents an array of coveted amenities including expansive parks, superior healthcare services, and ample employment opportunities.

Notably, residential properties in Overland Park are comparatively affordable, with median valuations hovering around $413,000, and homes typically spend a mere four days on the market before being sold.

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1. Fremont, California

Positioned less than an hour southeast of San Francisco, this enclave within Silicon Valley beckons families with its distinguished educational system, exemplary healthcare provisions, and an abundance of outdoor recreational pursuits. Fremont’s dedication to fostering a family-centric environment, underscored by its verdant parks, recreational venues, and communal gatherings, enhances its desirability.

Notwithstanding, the real estate landscape in Fremont is fiercely competitive, with median property valuations exceeding $1.4 million, as per Zillow’s assessments.

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