San Francisco’s Dolores Park Hill Bomb moves over to Church Street after police barricade original location to skaters

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Skaters went down Church Street in San Francisco Saturday night — next to Dolores Park — at high speeds.

They call it a “hill bomb,” and it happens every year, but SFPD tried to stop it from happening.

They placed barricades on several blocks of Dolores Street, but the skaters just went down a different street.

“I guess the cops don’t care about this one as much as the Dolores one,” said Amire Lofton, who participated. “Four skaters, they all said Church Street and everyone just came over here.”

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Police were at the hill bomb but did not intervene. They even closed the street down for the skaters.

Last year, SFPD tried to stop the hill bomb and it led to a confrontation between them and the skaters. Over 100 people were arrested for throwing things at police and vandalizing a MUNI train.

Police Chief Bill Scott said this week he would not tolerate any violence.

Many skaters think the city should have worked with them to keep the event going while also making it safe.

“The city was not without fair warning about this event,” said Aaron Breetwor, a San Francisco skateboard advocate. “I was in contact with them a year ago, trying to engage about how to make this safer, even in the absence of an official organizer, and they failed to plan to do anything but this.”

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Breetwor claims skateboarding is in the city transportation code as a non-motorized user-propelled vehicle. He plans to keep speaking with the city.

However, residents who live near the park were thrilled to see police.

“It’s public safety. It is not about kids not having fun,” said Chuck Louden, who lives near the park. “Glad to see their presence out here today. We can work together to find a space that works for everyone, but this is about safety here.”

We reached out to SFPD asking them why they did not intervene during the hill bomb, and we are waiting to hear back.

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